Document Type : Original Article


Academy of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background: Statistics of alcohol use Iran was investigated in the beginning of 2010 in Mental, Social Health and Addiction Department of Ministry of Health. The findings showed that the alcohol use, especially in young people, is notable. Hence a strategic plan or a policy document in alcohol use was needed to explain the main vision also provide countrywide strategies for all related domains such as prevention, treatment and harm reduction.
Methods: Several expert panels for scientific and technical support, also identifying interested researchers and people who can help us in this issue were held. We continued to do this with snowball sampling method. In addition, the best evidences about the topic were collected, and several meetings with main and the most related alcohol use stakeholders were held.
Results: Initially, a sub-national alcohol policy document was written that was communicated by health minister to all medical universities throughout the country. Subsequently, we expanded our audiences and wrote the national alcohol policy document which consists of main interventions and determines the direct responsible and collaborative organizations of all these interventions. In this process, our activities were formed in the national committee of prevention and control of alcohol use that works under the supervision of Ministry of Interior. This document was finally communicated by Interior Minister to the all related organizations in the late of 2013.
Conclusion: We should try to employ this document that was created as the result of a lot of efforts during 4 years.