Peer Review Process


Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology employs double-blind peer review process implying both reviewer and author identities are concealed from each other. Upon receiving a new manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief briefly reviews the manuscript to verify its conformity with the journal’s aims, scope and style guidelines. If complies with the standards, the manuscript will be sent anonymously to at least two reviewers.

Editor-in-Chief reviews the comments of the editors and reviewers and makes a decision that may be: accept, minor revision, major revision or reject. It is unusual for an article to be accepted with no revision at this step. If revision is requested, the reviewers' comments will be sent to the authors for point by point response and revision of the article.

The whole review process depends on receiving reviewers' comments and revising the manuscripts by the author based on the comments which takes eight weeks on average. Upon receipt of the revised article from the author and after final approval by reviewers, final decision will be made by the editor-in-chief and notification letter will be sent to the corresponding author.

The following diagram shows peer review workflow in details.