Document Type : Review Article


Welfare Organization, Tehran, Iran


Background: The international drug abuse standards were achieved by review of a vast meta-analysis in the world and released 2 years ago in Vienna. Review of national programs in recent 20 years and conformity of them is the main objective of this presentation.
Methods: Based on research that was supported by UNODC and DCHQ, the demand reduction program in Iran at the mentioned time was studied. The international standards and national plans were compromised and the conformity was found.
Results: Life skills training, at universal level and this training for adolescence is done that is acceptable. Community-based programs and basic approach of that are used from 12 years ago. This program is acceptable too. Universal education and media campaign is also used at a vast widespread that is not recommended by international standards as single activity. Tobacco and alcohol policies are observed only in a few years ago, the activities that are very important.
Conclusion: based on these findings and scientific findings (psychological and sociologic), we should partially revise national activities, policies, budgeting and other aspects of alcohol use prevention. It means we should become free from prejudice and try to be evidence-based planners. Otherwise we will approach to loss our resources.